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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The hire period for 4hrs or 8hrs depending on price and bouncy castle selected. If you need longer for your special event please contact us and we will do our utmost to facilitate your request.
A. Yes, we deliver the castles, set them up and pick them up after the hire period. We provide free delivery from our Auckland base. If you live outside Auckland, a small delivery charge may be added to the hire rate.
A. 5 % from every hire is being donated to the Child Cancer Foundation
A. No not usually, but if you need one of the Beta bouncy castle staff to supervise for your corporate event please call or email to discuss your requirement and a staff member may be available at a additional charge.
A. Click on the link below to view and take time to read the safety rules and hirer's obligations. These terms and conditions will need to be signed by the hirer at time of delivery.

(Terms and Conditions)

A. We do not deliver the castles in the rain. The castles come with a blower, which must be kept on at all times. Electricity and water don't mix well, so as a rule we don't have the castles operating in the rain. We do not charge you for cancelled hires due to rain or severe weather conditions.
A. Yes they can, however with stronger winds it can be a bit too much for some of the castles. We may be forced to cancel some hires, but this is very rare. Some parents might get a bit upset at this, but safety issues are paramount.
A. Yes we ask you to pay a $50 deposit to secure your booking. Your bond may be held if the castle is returned soiled/dirty or if any damage is caused. The bond will be refunded in full if the bouncy castle has to be cancelled due to bad weather.
A. We accept cash on delivery and Internet banking
Bank Account details:
Beta Bouncy Castles Ltd
Use your name as reference.
A. No it doesn't. We do have to anchor the castle down, and the easiest way is to peg it down into your lawn. So if the castle is to go up on your driveway, or on concrete etc, we need to know in advance. We can bring some padded weights for surfaces that aren't lawn. Under no circumstances will we put the castle up on stones (shingle driveways, bark or anything with sharp surfaces likely to cause damage to the bouncy castles).
A. Yes and no. They are around 4 to 4.5m high depending on size, so they will fit into the local school hall and basketball court - but they won't fit into the average house.
A. Features include a properly designed entry way to ensure children can enter and exit the castle safely. The bouncy castles are firmly anchored to eliminate the risk of tipping over. The bouncy castles have been carefully constructed to meet and exceed the criteria set by the 'American Society for Testing and Materials' (ASTM). The power leads and blowers have all met NZ regulations with regular safety checks and are safety tagged by registered electrician.
A. Our bouncy castles are very heavy, between 100-180 kg so stairs can be difficult to manoeuvre the bouncy castles. Please talk to us about access to your desired set up area if you have any concerns, or let us know of any unusual access issues our team would face on your property. Please keep in mind that there will be only one staff member setting up the bouncy castles on a standard hire.
A. Depending on the bouncy castle hired it takes about 10min to set up and pack up. This is not taken out of your hired out time.
A. No once the Beta Bouncy Castle staff have left please do not attempt to move the bouncy castle. This is for your safety and the safety of the equipment.
A. The inflatable is not a sealed unit. It is therefore continually filled with air which comes from an electric blower. The blower is connected to your power supply by a sealed, heavy duty extension cord supplied by us. The extension cord also has a safety switch connected to it. Electricity usage is around 1 unit per hour per blower.
A. Just arrange with beta bouncy staff when placing your booking to hire a petrol generator. This comes at a cost of $100 including petrol.
A. Yes this depends on the size of castle you have chosen. For the smaller castles this is a maximum of 7 people at 70kgs or 500kgs in total at any one time on the castle. For the larger castles please refer to the description next to the picture of the castle you have hired.

5 % from every hire is being donated to the Child Cancer Foundation

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